Property Consulting

Get it right the first time.

Maven Consulting secures residential, commercial or investment properties and assets for investors in Cyprus. We find the right property quickly, and negotiate the best prices.

Maven takes the hassle out of purchasing a property in Cyprus. We have an extensive network of business contacts throughout the island, which means we’ll find the right asset for you, quickly. Then, we’ll negotiate the best possible price.

How do we do it?

We get to know you and your needs, and we really listen. Simple as that.

We record your requirements. We guide you through the additional things you may need to consider when deciding on a property purchase in Cyprus. Then, we create a detailed specification for each and every property search, whether it’s a residence, a commercial property, or an investment asset.

Our thorough research process results in a highly informed and very specific shortlist of properties or assets that exactly match your criteria. This also means that if you’re travelling from abroad you will generally only need to visit once to decide on the right property.

We work for you, no one else, and we guarantee that we’ll negotiate the best purchase price for you. We can then handle as much or as little of the purchase and settling in process as you like – from a simple direct purchase, to an end-to-end service that includes securing your residency or citizenship, handling renovations or interior decorating, and even setting up insurance.

We have the network and the people to make the process simple. Let us take care of it.